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Welcome to the site Dekadi Tours


Welcome to the site Dekadi Tours

Welcome to the site Dekadi Tours.
We serve PACKAGE TOUR TO BALI, sell Hotel Voucher, Rafting, Elepant Ride, Sea Walker, Odyssey, Tree Top Adventure, Camel Safari, Horse Ride, Water Sport, Car Rental / Car Hourly or daily with the lowest rates in Bali.

We are delighted to be present in the midst of you and look forward to serving you for giving exclusive travel package options for the convenience of your trip.

Dekadi Tours is a tourism services company that offers exceptional service concept with many advantages that make you very exclusive. Your journey will be very special, because the packages tours that we offer to you and who you are particular about giving you more value in your trip. Leisure and hospitality of Bali's nature will always be yours, because you are special.

Dekadi Tours is one's peace of mind.

Get The Original! Where you specify all, only you, wherever you desire. We will take you to places that a tourist destination with your exclusive vehicle where no one else, besides you with people you care about. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of pristine nature with the freedom and flexibility when you set yourself
We are different because we give more. Make sure you join us with your family, close friends and someone special in your heart.
With the support of professional staff in their fields, making Dekadi Tours truly as a Travel Agency that has a priority commitment to quality and service, so your satisfaction is our happiness.

Together Dekadi Tours trip you will be more beautiful and full of impressions

For more information, please contact:

Dekadi Tours:
Telephone: 0361 855 6969
24 Hours Service Hotline: 081 558 888 999
Website: www.dekadibali.com
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